Saturday, August 27, 2011

Bill 14 - An Act to Amend the Quebec Mining Act

There may be a ray of light in rural municipalities and cottage country in West Quebec.

According to a report on, Bill 14, a bill that would amend the existing Mining Act, proposes the following:

"...mining activities would be withdrawn from urban perimeters and “areas dedicated to vacationing.” The Mining Minister would be able to exclude these zones and refuse certain mining rights in order to avoid conflicts with other territories.
The bill is currently seeking legislation."
While this does not address all of WQ-CAMU's objectives, nor those of the broader coalition Pour que le Quebec ait Meilleure Mine!, it is somewhat encouraging. (Note we do not intend to speak on behalf of the broader coalition here.)
We at WQ-CAMU have been fighting for this type of reform for some years. Our efforts to advocate changes to the Quebec Mining Act may be contributing towards progress (we say guardedly). We have had numerous communications over the last four years with the Government of Quebec to encourage it to be more balanced in how it manages lands and avoids conflicts.
It is somewhat surprising that the mining industry itself doesn't seem to disagree with settling the conflict once and for all around higher population centres. We consider it a reasonable compromise on this aspect of a complex problem.
Much more needs to be done, but it is a step in the right direction.
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